Another Blue Spiky 16 Patch

Spiky 16 Patch for 2023
Spiky 16 Patch for 2023

I wanted to try the HuRTy, so I grabbed some scraps and started working on another Spiky 16 Patch.

I I have to admit that I mostly ended up using my Split Rects ruler. The HuRTy isn’t bad; I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

I got inspired, partially, because of the blocks with the solid fabrics and the dots. They look really good and I decided I wanted to make something good with them.

Will this be good? I hope so, but if it isn’t great, I know someone will like it.

My current problem is that I am running out of background. I am not running out of ALL backgrounds – just the particular background I chose for this project. I’ll have to select something else to use to finish the quilt. I have time.

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