Shower Accessories

Back in February, I offered to host a shower for my niece and this past weekend was the day. We played some games and ate some food. My niece has been living on her own for awhile so she didn’t want gifts. Instead I collected recipes into a binder from all of the guests. I added about 5 recipes and still want to add more. I really just want to transfer all of my knowledge to her.

Shower prize ribbons
Shower prize ribbons

For the guests, I made favors as shown a few days ago. I also made prize ribbons, which was fun. I had a ton of ribbon left from the spool I bought for the favors so I thought it was a good idea.

I had an outline of what a prize ribbon should look like and went from there with glue, ribbon and some of the printed ribbon Carrie gave me. These go with little packages of of soap and a handmade notebook as the prize. My niece was happy with them, which made me happy.

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