To Infinity and Beyond

Infinity Blocks by Jaye, mid-June 2009
Infinity Blocks by Jaye, mid-June 2009

I got a little behind photographing and posting blocks from my Infinity project. (I think last week was just a bad sewing-posting-making week). Anyway, here are some of the newer blocks. I made a few more after I snapped this pic and will post those later.

I was attempting to try out a different layout from the layout in the May 13th post. I like the four white squares together. I am a long way from the end, however, so we will see once I get more blocks.

SIL said she was sending me some blocks via DH-transport, so I expect those on Sunday. As usual, stay tuned!

One Down, Two To Go

Flowering Snowball, June 14, 2009
Flowering Snowball, June 14, 2009

The weekend was filled with picnics. Both Saturday and Sunday included hot dogs and potato salad, chats and a bit of sun. It was nice to be outside, but I was pretty tired after all the sociability. Also, I didn’t get to work much on my projects.

Sunday was a beautiful day to be outside. After greeting lots of people, I was able to sit and do some hand stitching. I had some of the block (right) finished, but did most of it at the picnic. The completion of this block means that I have only two blocks left to make for the center of the Flowering Snowball quilt.

I still haven’t designed the border, but put an idea into the Sun Creative Prompt response. I know what I want; I just have to figure out how to make it a reality.

Infinity Blocks Progress

Infinity Blocks, May 10, 2009
Infinity Blocks, May 10, 2009

I made about 8 of these blocks over the weekend. They are pretty fast to make and I get a big bang for my buck. The photo to the left shows all the blocks I have made to date. Actually, half of all of the blocks I have made to date. I make two of each fabric so I can send one to my SIL.

The weird thing is that I kept counting the blocks, periodically, and coming up with the same number. Not sure why except that my counting was obviously off! Two blocks aren’t in this picture, because I wanted it to be symmetrical.

Random Projects Progress

Quick post with mostly pics. Hope you enjoy the progress.

Flowering Snowball (Cross Block)
Flowering Snowball (Cross Block)

I have only three blocks left to make for the center of this quilt. I need to cut some more prints, though, as I am tired of the reusing the ones I already cut. I can use them in the border.

Cathy Blocks #3
Cathy Blocks #3

I made these last weekend and cut some fabric for two more tonight. Progress!

Swap Block

SIL and I are doing a swap with blue and white fabrics.

First Always Quilting Block
First Always Quilting Block

This is the block we are using. We didn’t have time to really organize ourselves while she was out for a brief visit a few weeks ago, so we did some organizing via email. I finally felt organized enough to make some blocks. The above block is one of the first group that I did. I plan to make two of each fabric and send one to SIL, in little batches.

Three Always Quilting Blocks
Three Always Quilting Blocks

I made the two batik ones later and will send SIL one.

The motif that the squares and rectangles make looks like some kind of knot. Since I didn’t know the name of this block, and I didn’t want to call it the Always Quilting block, I looked up the design in Barbara Brackman’s book, The Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. I couldn’t find this particular block (Barbara, won’t you please update your book with newer blocks??? Thanks.), so I found a couple that looked like they were related.

Tam's Patch, BB:1117
Tam's Patch, BB:1117

BB:1117 is called Tam’s Patch. It has two corners with the rectangle/two squares combination, but the other two corners are just plain square patches.

Squares upon Squares, BB:1104
Squares upon Squares, BB:1104

BB:1104 (page 156-157) is called Squares upon Squares from Farm Journal.

I’ll look through some other block dictionaries to see if I can find a name for it.The reality is that you change one line and you have a new block. New blocks are invented every day.

I’d love to hear if you know the name of this block, or have a creative name for it.

New Star Block from Flickr

New Star Block
Originally uploaded by kirbyloulou

I saw this block about 2 weeks ago and have not been able to get it out of my mind. With the many, many blocks in the DS pool, I wasn’t able to find it again either. I was really glad to come across it today. Love the pointy corners.

Friendship Block

Last week I mentioned that Camilla, of CamillaKnits, called for blocks for a family who had recently lost their father and husband in a tragic accident. I thought that it wouldn’t be very difficult to whip out something and send it off.

My block is above. I wanted to make it cheerful and I think it does come across as cheerful. Camilla’s rules were 12×12″ finished blocks. Mine isn’t 12×12″, so it will probably end up on the back, but that is no problem for me. I am finding that it is almost impossible for me to follow new directions lately, though I did try.

I have to say I would have done well to just get out Around the Block and make a normal block. This one took me about 2 hours rather than the few minutes I thought it would. I don’t regret the time, because it gave me the opportunity to think about the changes to the lives of family involved. I was also able to contemplate the projects in which I used these cheerful fabrics.

I hope Camilla can use my block and that the family takes some comfort from the quilt.

DJ Crazy

I have to admit I am losing my mind a bit over these Dear Jane blocks. Not so much that I have run upstairs and started sewing, but enough to keep posting here about them. I can’t stop being in awe of what the makers have accomplished.

Page 10 of the Dear Baby Jane pool ( blew me away. The blocks on that page all looked like they were made out of batiks and hand-dyes. They were almost all brightly colored and caught my attention. I guess I am like a bird – attracted to brightly colored and shiny patchwork.

I have posted a few of the blocks, but go take a look at the page.

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b2 by gould_christy
b12 by gould_christy
i8 by gould_christy
k8 by gould_christy
h11 by gould_christy
h13 by gould_christy
f2 by gould_christy
m11 by gould_christy
b6-2 by gould_christy
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Dinnerbel’s E1 Aunt Exie’s Phlox

E1 Aunt Exie’s Phlox
Originally uploaded by dinnerbel

One of the things I notice as I go through the DJ blocks people have made is how the white stands out. TFQ and I have discussions about white all the time and how it can really detract from the rest of the block – or not allow a person to see the rest of the block. In the case of the DJ blocks, I think the white, in many of the blocks, really makes you see the design. I think the block patterns are so detailed that they need something to show off the intricate piecing. In the case of this block, the white does the trick.

I am really impressed by he great fabric combinations that the makers are using.

Fissiett’s F-10 Potholder Block

F-10 Potholder
Originally uploaded by fissiett

There are thousands of Dear Jane blocks posted on the two Flickr groups I have found. I think the choice of fabric and artistry of these blocks is amazing. Not to mention the dedication!

This one, initially, caught my attention because of the dots (of course!). After I got over the dots I noticed how what interesting patches the block has. Notice how the rectangles are not quite rectangles? They seem to be trapezoids. As a result, there is a lot of movement in this block.

Dear Jane by Minka

I have been, as I may have mentioned looking through the Dear Jane blocks various groups of Janiacs have posted on Flickr. The two largest groups are the Dear Janes and Dear Baby Jane ( It is amazing how many blocks these ladies have created.I am in awe of them. I admired one particular member and found her blog. She has some history of her Dear Jane work, a link to which is below.

Trip ‘Round the World — Or Not?

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Baby Jane: A7 Dads Plaids

A7 Dads Plaids
Originally uploaded by tailscalifornia

TalisCalifornia has made this very interesting version of the Dear Jane block, Dad’s Plaids. I love the way she has switched the background and the foreground within the block. It really has a nice effect that makes your eye move around the block without making them cross (like certain black and white fabrics would).

The Baby Jane group on Flickr is a testament to hope for the future of quiltmaking. These blocks are not easy to put together and they have really done, and continue to do, a wonderful job. They are moving through all of the Dear Jane blocks and I love seeing the progress.

I ponder doing the blocks along with them! I just don’t want to start another hand project until I make some progress on the Flowering Snowballs and my projects from Pamela Allen’s classes.

Sarah’s Star

I have a wonderful problem. My trips to Seattle this year are starting to blur together a little bit. If I could go to Seattle every weekend, or every other weekend, I just might do it. I like that city and I feel so relaxed after I come back.

I think the blurring may bea result of both TFQ and I being creatures of habit. We like eating in the same places and going to the same stores. I welcome the variation that she provides for my trips when she asks me to go with her to some home store or we go and explore a shop we’ve never visited.

On one of my trips, we went to Quiltworks Northwest and saw their Block fo the Month club. One of the blocks they had up was one called, we found out later in Around the Block, Sarah’s Star.
I like it because of the way you can highlight the different spokes of the star and make it look like two pinwheels overlapped on each other. I want to try it with a black background.

Bold graphics

I am catching up on my blog reading and this picture comes from Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio. Isn’t it great? I love the simplicity with interest and the bold, graphic colors. The alternating of the colors is wonderful as well.

I know I should be writing about the Gabrielle (pronounced Gob-Ree-Yell) Swain class. In short, it was fantastic. More on that tomorrow; I am making it an early night.

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