Swoon #13

Swoon #13
Swoon #13

I have never counted this as a project, but I think I have to admit that it is. I now have 13 blocks, this one being the latest. I also have #14 on the Design wall.

I decided that I would make the last few blocks and sew this piece together. I have had my fun and would like to finish this piece.

I don’t hate the process, so it won’t be a chore or anything. I just want to move on, especially with the Star Sampler looming.

I guess I also have to admit that, while I am pleased with the progress I have made on clearing out old projects, I want to clear out more lurking projects. I don’t want anymore 10 year+  projects hanging around.

You can take a look at Swoon blocks 11 & 12.

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