Pink Sawtooth Stars

16" Sawtooth Star
16″ Sawtooth Star

I needed a venue for the large Joel Dewberry prints. I decided that I would use the All Washed Up pattern called Sparkling Cider to which I was introduced at the November BAMQG meeting. I really struck by the pattern, because of the wonderful way the pattern showcased large print fabrics. Mallory kindly loaned me the pattern, though the pattern is very straightforward and I had already designed a version in EQ7.

The blocks required for this quilt are 4 large Sawtooth Star blocks with no borders and 16 8″ Sawtooth Star blocks that have multiple borders that bring the 8″ blocks up to 16″. I have made the large Sawtooth Star blocks and about half of the smaller blocks.

I am using the Joel Dewberry Notting Hill prints and very much enjoying them. I am tempted to purchase more of them, but perhaps these are enough?

Pink Stars
Pink Stars

I am including some other large prints in addition to the Notting Hill prints. The Notting Hill prints have some orange in them, so I have added some orange as well.

I wanted to make this as a quick and fun quilt top. I have so many fun pink fabrics that I thought combining the Notting Hill prints with them would be a great opportunity to use a variety. I didn’t want this to be a Joel Dewberry quilt, and, though, I think the Notting Hill prints are prominent, I don’t think the blocks, so far, scream Joel Dewberry.

I wanted to get this top finished before I went back to work, but it wasn’t to be. I have made good progress, and will finish it soon.

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  1. These color of fabrics look fabulous together. The more I look at your quilts the more I like them 🙂 And stars are always a favorite, aren’t they? 🙂

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