Star Sampler: Mosaic No.19

Star Sampler: Mosaic No. 19
Star Sampler: Mosaic No. 19

I am behind.

I have 3 blocks to make (due this past week) and four more to make next week. I made one! The easiest one, too.

It plays a bit with negative space. some of the pieces that should be background are colored as foreground and visa-versa. Interesting.

I said the other day that I didn’t think that fabrics with a lot of white would work, but this dot, even though it has white seems to be working fine.

Interesting Shape
Interesting Shape

Before I sewed the last two seams together, I noticed this shape.It is the middle of the block, but I thought it was really interesting. It makes me wonder what  a quilt using this shape (and perhaps the size, too) would look like.

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