Star Sampler: Barbershop Quartet

Barbershop Quartet
Barbershop Quartet

This block took me over a week to make. I don’t think it has taken me more than a week to make a block since my first quilt project when I was learning. The first Swoon block, when I was working out the details, may have taken me a week.

I think part of the problem was that I was trying to use the Wing Clipper (some further info about the technique is in the 1/24/2013 blog post) to make the Flying Geese units. That is no problem, except that I didn’t have the finished sizes of the units and had to guess a bit, because I didn’t want to draw out the block to scale and measure. My own fault, definitely. Guessing didn’t work very well for me, so I wasted a lot of fabric and took a lot of time.

I also have a cold and was very tired yesterday, which I am sure didn’t help my thinking very much.

Anyway, the block is done and I like it. I played a bit with the negative space again and think that looks cool. You can see TFQ’s version on Flickr.

This is the second 12″ block I have made for the Star Sampler, which I think really should be called the Sawtooth Star Sampler since we are using all Sawtooth Stars. I think I am now only 10 blocks behind – or maybe 6. I’ll have to see.

The last block I made for this project was Mosaic No.19.

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  1. Wow, first I couldn’t decide if it was a block or a whole quilt top! It looks gorgeous with the dot background and I love the colors you chose.

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