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Beach Town, June 7, 2009
Beach Town, June 7, 2009

I spent 10 hours in my workroom on Sunday. I spent most of it machine quilting Beach Town. The piece is relatively small, so I was surprised that it took so much work. The really surprising thing is that I have more machine quilting to go!

It was surprising, because I thought I did most of the machine quilting during my last session. It turns out that I  really wanted the quilting much closer together. I filled in some areas I already done. The new areas were quilted much closer together – only about 1-2 stitches apart.

The skinny tree needs some more stitching. It is raveling away and I’d like to save it before it goes completely.

Beach Town, Machine Quilting detail
Beach Town, Machine Quilting detail

I really hope you can see the machine quilting in this picture, because that is how it is almost all over the piece. There are a few sections left to do, but the bulk is done.

I was thinking, for future Pamela pieces, that I really needed to get the machine quilting done before I start in on the hand stitching. Not that the hand stitching hampered my machine quilting at all. It just makes better sense to do the machine work first and finish with the hand work.

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