Flowering Snowball Again

Second to Last Flowering Snowball
Second to Last Flowering Snowball

This is the second to last Flowering Snowball center block. I brought my handwork bag with me to the meeting yesterday and put this together while we worked on the business of the organization. It is something I can do while I listen and participate. I feel productive on my fabric projects, which is a good thing.

I also started work on the last block, but didn’t get very far before the  ATC swap started.

This morning I was facing the reality of this project. I get to start the border VERY shortly. I think I opened the project in EQ6 in recent memory, however I don’t remember looking at the templates or doing any work on them. I need to get on that.

The other issue I am facing is squaring up the center blocks. I discussed this here before and think that I will have to trim the blocks after machine sewing around before I trim. Otherwise I think that they may come apart.

The problem is that if I trim them before I make the border, the border won’t fit. Glad I thought of it before I made the border!

Author: Jaye

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