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I found my way to the Exuberant Color blog and found this wonderful tutorial for making journal covers. Since I seem to be making small things now, this project appealed to me for a variety of reasons.
  • I carry a journal with me and a cover would make it more private.
  • I have friends that use journals, so this would make a great gift.
  • Finally, it is small and looks like it would be a quick project, which I could use to try new fabric combinations or techniques.
clipped from

clipped from

Patchwork journal cover tutorial

Start with a piece large enough to cover the notebook plus flaps at each end to fold in. This is approximately 3/4″ -1″ taller than the notebook one way and the measurement around the notebook plus flaps that cover at least 3/4 of the cover on the inside in the other direction.

Iron on a piece of fusible fleece or batting the height of the notebook by the measurement around the outside of the closed notebook plus.

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We spoke about a Recycled Round Robin at CQFA, where we bring materials from our stashes and put them together using a piece from other quiltmakers as a starting point. I thought this would make a good result for such a project.

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