Whipped Cream Drama

I know you thought I forgot about the Tarts. Or, perhaps, you thought I abandoned the piece for another 3 years?

Oh ye of little faith!

Non quilt parts of my life have been busier than usual. I have still taken the time to diligently test your ideas for the whipped cream on the second piece of pie after I posted some thoughts in a previous blog post. I thought it would be easy and fast. HA! When will I ever learn?

Another issue is that the 9K is back in the shop. It is fixed now, but I won’t be able to pick it up (80+ mile round trip) until Friday since I am going out of town on Tuesday and the shop is closed on Monday. I tested an approximation of a satin stitch on the Jem. The Jem is a great machine, but the satin stitch it makes doesn’t compare to the 9K’s satin stitch. I need to wait until the 9K returns from his/her vacation. I’ll get everything ready, however.

Below are the candidates:

Whipped Cream #3
Whipped Cream #3

I liked this one, but didn’t think it was enough. I thought it needed more of something. Someone mentioned a drip in a comment, so I started working on that.

Whipped Cream #4
Whipped Cream #4

The drip above is too small. I want it to stand out a bit more against the plate.

Whipped Cream Test #5
Whipped Cream Test #5

The one above is pretty good in terms of having more than just an element on the top. However, the indentation in the top of the dripped whipped cream on the plate looks strange. It may be realistic, but it doesn’t look fun or interesting.

Whipped Cream #6
Whipped Cream #6

The one above is the option I have decided to use. I like the more engaged shape of the drip. I don’t think that is how drips really look, but this quilt isn’t reality.

As you can see, I take Lorraine Torrence’s admonishment to “make visual decisions visually” to heart.

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5 thoughts on “Whipped Cream Drama”

  1. I like the last picture best too. I would consider making the whip cream just a titch bigger on top of the pie, IF I were to tweak it at all. Just depends on how fussy you want to get with that part. πŸ™‚

  2. You guys are fast! Thanks for your comments. SherriD: I think it will look a bit bigger with the satin stitching. Thanks, Beena, for your vote of confidence on my choice! I am ready to do it NOW, but have to wait for the machine.

  3. By the way…will the cherry have a stem? I know it is a PIN there now, but perhaps a stem(?) to give it more character? NOT that it isn’t just FINE the way it is! DO remember, I am only sharing fleeting thoughts from my sore little brain. πŸ™‚

    And my timing just happened to be right…I am not fast! I haven’t been on the computer much at all today. It is the weekend so my boy-child has hogged the computer for most of the day. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, there will be a stem. I plan to embroider or couch a stem, so it is nice and thin and I don’t lose my mind with the satin stitch. Patience!

      I do appreciate your kindness in your constructive criticism. Had some blog drama this weekend, which I will write about later.

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