Color Wednesday

3 Watering cans
3 Watering cans

Yes, this photo is a little bleary, as SherriD says. I took it with my phone, which creates bleary pictures unless the picture is of a water bottle or something I want to remember at the grocery store.

Fortunately, I want you to look at the color.

What do you think of the color combination?

What does this color combo bring to mind?

What would you do with fabrics in these colors?

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Color Wednesday”

  1. It shouts EASTER to me! Let’s see…you have dark, medium, and light too. So are you going to make a tessellated watering can quilt? That would be one of those easy weekend projects. Don’t ya think? 😀

    Sherri, who is VERY bleary eyed this morning!

  2. When I was in college a friend told me, “Apple green and yellow” are spring colors.” Add to that the fact that I’ve always thought of medium purple to lavender as “Easter egg” colors and the combination definitely says “spring.” Whatever you make will have a hopeful, happy feeling.

  3. SherriD: I may use the color combination, but nobody has given me the book by Jinny Beyer that tells one how to create tessellated quilts, so no tessellated watering cans. Feel free to run with the idea, though!

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