Moon & Stars

Moon & Stars (full)
Moon & Stars (full)

Moon & Stars is an old, old project. I started it after my mom gave me a FQ pack of the moon and stars fabrics in the middle. I wanted to show them off, so I made this kind of window scene with very little piecing.

It was in the same bag as Kissy Fish, except wadded up at the bottom. Who knows what I was thinking? Some of my bags tend to turn into dumping grounds. I pulled it out last week when I, once again, needed a hand project for a serious amount of TV watching. I don’t remember when I last worked on it or when I started it, but it had to be around the time I was working on the Sampler, because, I am apparently, hand quilting it.I don’t do much hand quilting anymore with regular quilting thread.

Moon & Stars (detail)
Moon & Stars (detail)

The thread for the middle is really thin – or seems thin – and I couldn’t find it in the depths of the bag. It appeared that I was pretty much done with the hand quilting of the middle, so I took some of the Laura Wasilowski hand dyed thread and worked on quilting the border.

I may add some machine quilting to it as I like my quilts quilted close together and there is only a very small chance that I will hand quilt it as close together as I like it.

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