New Bag

Blue Flower Tote
Blue Flower Tote

This is one of the totes that made over the past week or so. I think I bought the fabric when I was in Maryland a few years ago. I bought the fabric specifically for a tote bag. It has been in my tote bag fabric box for awhile. I started to wonder why I bought it and then I found a great use for it. I like the fabric, but it turns out not to be a fabric that I would carry around. I think I bought it at the beginning of my tote bag making mania when I didn’t have a lot of tote bag fabrics.

I used a tea pot fabric for the inside.

Blue Flower Tote Bag - detail
Blue Flower Tote Bag – detail

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4 thoughts on “New Bag”

  1. Cute! I have some fabrics I’ve bought over the years thinking “totebag” or “purse” but to date I’ve only ever made one. They always feel like they’re going to be faster projects than they turn out to be.

  2. You have to get to know the pattern, which is why I keep making the same bags over and over. It helps to have garment sewing experience as well, which I don’t. That is probably why I make the same bag over and over until I get to know the pattern.

    I make the straps, pockets and any other fiddly bits first when I am enthusiastic about the project, because that is a bad/hard part of the project for me and to have them ready to go is great.

    I would recommend this pattern as it goes together really well. I wrote a pretty long review of it at:

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