Sugar Pop Progresses

Sugar Pop Chubby Charmer
Sugar Pop Chubby Charmer

I can’t wait until this bag is done, but I also haven’t worked on it much! I know, really I do, that they don’t get done by magic. The side shown above is half sewn together.

Sugar Pop Chubby Charmer side 2
Sugar Pop Chubby Charmer side 2

The side show above is completely sewn together.

I was really busy working on FOTY 2010 over the long weekend. I tried to work on it every spare moment I had, because I don’t want it lingering. I want to finish that baby and take it to the quilter. Since I am using the Chubby Charmer (CC) piece as leaders and enders, I didn’t get much work done on it, because I just used other FOTY 2010 diamonds as leaders and enders.

I was thinking about the inside of the CC, the straps and the filling, however. I think that I will add some interfacing to the straps as well as batting just to give them a little more substance. If I have enough fabric I will use the icky green/white dot (bottom photo, 3rd fabric from the right, 2 up from the bottom) as the inside. I may only have half a yard, which won’t be enough.

I was also thinking about using some leftover batting instead of the fusible fleece. I have batting scraps and would have to buy fusible fleece. I wonder if there would be a noticeable difference? I don’t remember the fusible fleece sticking all that well when I made the first Chubby Charmer. I do remember it being stiffer, though. I could add fusible to the batting I have. I do want this one to stand up like the first one does, but I would also like to use what I have. I’ll have to think about it.

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  1. How about using the leftover batting with some fusible on top, Something heavier than SAS2, but still sew-a-ble? That would be about the same weight as the fusible fleece. I did that once with the yin-yang bag I made and it worked really well so that the fabric didn’t shift around when I was doing all the curvy top-stitching.

    1. That is what I was thinking, too. I used Wonder Under to baste a quilt once (I know! I know!) and it was pretty stiff. I may do that again. I’d love to use up some of this scrap batting. I also didn’t find the fusible batting to really be worth the money.

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