A-B-C Challenge Blocks

A-B-C Challenge Blocks
A-B-C Challenge Blocks

These are the blocks I have made so far for the BAMQG A-B-C (A-Z??) Challenge. I remade the Air Castle block (star, upper left) and am much happier with it. I didn’t think this project would be a learning experience, but it is. I think the Zoe Pearns dots need to be surrounded with a color, e.g. not white. I think they blend with the white white too much, especially since they are such small pieces.

I have to do the ‘E’. I thought I had decided on a block, but now I can’t remember what it was and quick look through my Around the Block books didn’t help. Stay tuned!

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “A-B-C Challenge Blocks”

  1. Love doing block challenges and frequently do blocks just for the heck of it. I have a box of fabric I have been working out of so they are scrappy but controlled. Have made 3 block samplers and am working on another.

    I think doing blocks and getting them to the correct size is a challenge and helps me become a better piercer. Loving your blocks and will follow the progress.


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