Corner Store Once More

Corner Store Red Border
Corner Store Red Border

Apparently, I am still thinking about this quilt and you are, too.

Rhonda wrote in a comment “I’ve been thinking a lot about this quilt. Probably because the whole idea of a “souless quilt” is so sad! If this were my souless quilt, here’s what I would do. I would keep it as is, including the white border that is the same width as the squares. Then I would add a 6- or 8-inch wide border in a warm solid color, maybe red, or orange, or magenta. The border would need to be wide enough to balance out the white with color. I would probably do the binding in the same solid as the wide border. Maybe then it would look like the border was trying to contain/constrain all those active little triangles that are dying to get out of the box, and create some tension. Some applique on the border of escaping/leaking triangles would be fun, too. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.”

When she wrote that I thought I would see how the quilt would look with a red border. I’m not sure, though I do see an improvement. I bought the red for something else, but it does add something to the quilt. I would have to make the back larger, if I decided to add another border.

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6 thoughts on “Corner Store Once More”

      1. And don’t forget, with this one and the other one of late, they are both YOUR quilts, YOUR rules! I know they will both be fabulous when they are finished. And why do I know this? Because for one thing, you care. For another, you have a good eye for color and style. 🙂

  1. I really like what the border does for this quilt. Go for it. I’ll do the sewing to make the back larger when I am down there next time!

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