Inifnity Quilt

Infinity Quilt Layout
Infinity Quilt Layout

I want to give up on the 26 Projects List and do something fun, but somehow after finishing the backs last week, I pulled out the blocks my SIL and I made and started putting them together.

These blocks are on the small side and I thought I would have to make more, but, as you can see, the blocks I have will make quite a large quilt.

My first idea was to just lay them out the way they came out of the box and, then, move them around. I didn’t have to do much moving around, though. They came out pretty well when I laid them out. There is a quite a lot of variety in the fabrics and also a good balance of light and dark. There were a few places where I switch a couple of blocks so that a print was next to a tone-on-tone rather than next to another print.

The adjustments I made were very small adjustments.

Pre-sewing layout
Pre-sewing layout

This is pretty much the layout I am using for sewing.

I did have to move the row on the far right to the bottom to make the ‘wreaths’ finish on the bottom.

I have not yet completed the borders as of this writing, but will do that later. I put on a Pure Elements Grey border, but will also put on another border of blue stripes as well.

Finished Infinity Top
Finished Infinity Top

I was amazed at how fast this top went together. I am also very pleased with the movement created by the different fabrics. My SIL has a different palette than I do and the combination of her floral blue-greys with my aquas and turquoises is a great combination.

This will be another large quilt, but will be good for a boy to grow into.

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10 thoughts on “Inifnity Quilt”

  1. I really like this. It is cheerful despite the cool blue palette.

    I remember when you and Cathy were working on this, but I don’t think I ever saw the blocks. How big are these? If I ever take up FOTY again, this might be a good block for me.

    1. I don’t know why I am so surprised at how this turned out, but I am so pleased. I wasn’t expecting much and it really came out well. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. I have to admit I saw this block at a quilt shop and resized it. SIL and I both liked it so we swapped blocks. I wonder how it would look in all oranges? Or fuschia. I really do not have time to work. Who will pay me to quilt?

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