Sketching #118

CPP Response #118: North
CPP Response #118: North

Sometimes, I know a part of what I want to draw in my response, but can’t quite figure out how to fit it into a cohesive whole. Helping some visitors review maps and plan a trip gave me the answer I needed for this prompt.

I have always liked compasses (compaii??) and am particularly fond of Mariner’s Compasses in quiltmaking. I have made one or two in my quilting career and have plans for more.

I also like this drawing because it reflects back on some previous drawings.

Take a look at the original prompt and create your own response.

Author: Jaye

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    1. 😉 When I do the prompts regularly, they are fun. I have the more recent ones germinating in my head. If I don’t do them for awhile, then I get rusty and the drawings aren’t as fun to draw, or to look at, I imagine.

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