Sketching #121

CPP Response #121: Aquarium
CPP Response #121: Aquarium

I know I have said this before, but sometimes I really do wonder what has possessed me when I pick the words for the prompt. Some prove to be more challenging for me than others. Know when I select the word, I select it for the promise of what the response can be and not what I have in my mind. I often do not have a response in my mind when create the prompt.

This one was part of the giant series of drawings I did over a few evenings. I really wanted to catch up with the ones I missed/neglected. I can always go back and redo some as I did with Beckon, so the ones that aren’t as detailed may get a redo someday.

I don’t know why I am making excuses, but I don’t feel that this response is up to my usual standards. I guess I have to be ok with it.

Look at the original prompt and create your own response. We would love to have you play along.

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “Sketching #121”

  1. Careful, the ARTIST in you is showing! 🙂 Heck, I say “not good enough” for most all my CPP’s! But I know what you are saying, I think…you like your other responses more. Perhaps you will add to this one at a later date and like it better?

    I was also thinking, perhaps, since so many are not playing, you want to take another hiatus from these, OR only do them once a month? Like the 15th or the 1st of each month you have a CPP word and those who play along can do one or a gazillion responses to the same word. I am doing a similar idea theme with that Sketchbook challenge on my blog now.

    Just food for thought. Ya know I gots yer back missy, no matter how you choose to continue…as long as you DO continue! lol

    1. I am ok with putting up the prompts and responding. My blog is something I do for myself and all of you who read and comment and enjoy it are the bonus. The creative prompts are the same way. I do them for myself. If I wait to do things for the fame and glory, I will be waiting for a long time.

      I think responding to 12-15 prompts at once was a bad idea. I enjoy the process of thinking about what I will draw, doing a study and then the final drawing. Definitely incentive for me to keep up with them like I encourage everyone else to do. I don’t want to lessen the frequency of the prompts. I have a goal of 365 and I’d like to get there. After, perhaps I’ll tone down the frequency. We’ll see.

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