Tile as Inspiration

Tile Floor - full
Tile Floor – full

I walked down S. Michigan Street in Chicago towards the Art Institute of Chicago one day. I am a sucker for architectural details and saw tons. I was in a rush, though, because I only had a little while to check out the AIC.

On my way back, I ducked into vestibules and lobbies to take photos. I was rewarded by this tile floor. I want to make this border. I need to figure out how to make this border!

Border detail
Border detail

I think that the border could be divided up into blocks to make the piecing easier and more straightforward to piece.

Notice the little corner treatment inside the straight green inside border.

I even kind of like the green and gold, though I wouldn’t do all that piecing, then create a green and gold quilt with such an elaborate border.

Nine Patch Reimagined
Nine Patch Reimagined

Several of these blocks are spread over the center of floor that has the border above. I glanced at it and thought “nine patch,” then I looked at it again and was intrigued because of the way the middle squares (green in this rendition) are smaller and part of the space disappears into the background. I really like the way the yellow squares are much larger. I’ll have to try making one of these.


Author: Jaye

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