Yellow Donation Top

Yellow Donation Top with borders
Yellow Donation Top with borders

What do you think?

The photo looks a little golder than it is. While there is a bit of gold in this top, the border fabric is definitely a bright yellow.

Many of these fabrics are from the Pat Bravo/Art Gallery Fabric scrap bag that I received. You can’t really see much of those fabrics, because of the problem I had with the sashing.

Yellow donation top back
Yellow donation top back

I took the opportunity to use several of my golds for the back. I didn’t think I would use them for anything in the near future. I chose them in the hope that some small sick child will find comfort in those fabrics.

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    1. I give them to the guild and they are given to the NICU at Stanford. I think Project Night Night gets some also, but they have to be a certain size for PNN to take them.

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