Finished: Renewed Jelly Roll Race

Renewed Jelly Roll Race
Renewed Jelly Roll Race

Finally! A finish! It has been so long since I finished a quilt completely that I forgot how great it was.

Yes, I have finished a lot of tops and some smaller projects, but quilts are different. They feel more real.

Really, I still have to put the sleeve on, but I couldn’t wait to put up a Finish post.


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18 thoughts on “Finished: Renewed Jelly Roll Race”

  1. It is beautiful. I watched as you decided on the background, great choice. Nice to see all these different designs with jellyroll quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty. I have made a few quilts with this fabric and they all turn out so pretty. Now I want to make this one. Unfortunately I don’t have any more of this fabric. πŸ™

        1. There isn’t a pattern. I don’t usually use patterns, but make the designs myself. Essentially, I made a Jelly Roll Race quilt and then cut it up using a diamond ruler. The sashing strips are cut with my Accuquilt Go! These posts might be helpful for you to read: and and

          There are links to the diamond ruler and to directions for making a Jelly Roll Race quilt in the posts.

  3. Your quilt is just stunning! I’m not a big fan of the jelly roll race quilts either. Somehow I have acquired a number of jelly rolls and have been looking for a way to use them. I think this is it! I am a bit apprehensive about working with diamonds, but I won’t know if I don’t try, and looking at your quilt, I think it’ll be worth giving it a whirl. Well done!

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