Oh Dear! #BFSI

I am hiding upstairs for a minute to breathe. I am Miss Popularity down in the dining room (she who brings food is popular) at the moment.

The Black Friday Sew in is on Friday (thus the name). Sandy organized all the things she wants to work on and I realized halfway through the main course that I had not thought about what I am going to work on tomorrow. Yes, I have to sort silver and put the china away, but I am talking about PROJECTS! Sewing projects!


The Spiderweb top is done and I am still ripping out paper, so I will start the back, etc after I finish the ripping. I don’t want to work on that, because I want to be at the machine and ripping out foundation paper is a good TV project. I have to put the borders the A-B-C Challenge, so I will definitely do that. BUT what else? I don’t know. I do hope something occurs to me before I waste a whole day staring at the machine.

  • T-shirt quilt, I think.
  • Patchwork Wheel blocks

Perhaps those two projects will keep me busy and I will get a lot of them done.

Black Friday Sew-in Giveaway Tomorrow!

I am giving away books as part of the Black Friday Sew-in organized by Sandy over at Quilting…for the Rest of Us.

I have received several books (some multiples and duplicates) from Lark Crafts for giveaways during the Black Friday Sew In. I am not keeping these books, so if nobody responds to the giveaway**, I will be sending them along to podcasters as thank yous for producing entertaining shows.

On Friday (e.g. NOT today), I will be posting questions to this blog, yes, in this space, which you will answer in order to be entered into the giveaway.

I will let you know via Twitter when the questions are posted. If you don’t already follow me, please do so at @artquiltmaker to see the giveaway posts.

I have the following books to giveaway:
Master’s Art Quilts v.1 (see review)
Master’s Art Quilts v.2 (see review)
Art Quilt Portfolio (see review )
Quilt it with Love: The Project Linus Story
Shape Workshop for Quilters

Thanks to Shannon at Lark Crafts and to Ray Hemachandra for sending along the books and being supportive of the Black Friday Sew-in.








**I don’t like doing giveaways, because they are a lot of work, often a big pain and I get little-nothing out of them except that I spread a little joy. That is worth something, definitely. Pretty please, follow the directions and no complaints. Thanks.


Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I am grateful everyone who reads this blog
  2. Thanks to my dear, darling fabulous husband who puts up all the time and space I need to sew and blog
  3. I am grateful for everyone who comments on posts
  4. Thanks to everyone participates and shares their projects for opening my eyes to new fabrics, blocks and possibilities
  5. I am grateful for my first quilting teacher, Kathy, who taught me great skills and has provided me with an ongoing sense of joy for these many years.
  6. I am grateful for the podcasters like Frances, Sandy, Tanesha, Pam and all the others who take the time out of their busy schedules to entertain us.
  7. I am grateful that I have fabric from which to choose
  8. I am grateful for CQFA and all of its members provide me with endless inspiration and continuing awe
  9. I am grateful for BAMQG and the energy and fun the people there bring to my life.
  10. I am grateful for the BAMQG Charity Girls who have provided me with a sense of contribution and joy this year through the donation program
  11. Thanks to all of my teachers who encouraged me to write, because it brings me such joy to write about quiltmaking
  12. Thanks to all the quilt book authors who take their time and energy to share their designs and ideas with me
  13. I am grateful to Lark Crafts for letting me one of their bloggers.
  14. Thanks to the authors, publishers and narrators who make audiobooks possible
  15. I am grateful to everyone who appreciates my quiltmaking efforts