A-B-C Challenge Back

A-B-C Challenge back
A-B-C Challenge back

Sunday, I worked on the A-B-C Challenge back. I finished the top on Saturday and got busy with the back on Sunday. It took forever. Well, it seemed like it took forever.

I think I was just tired. I took last week, mostly, off, but with one thing and another, I did a lot.

Another thought is that I have really high expectations of what I can accomplish in a given number of hours. I don’t usually count requests for my chauffeur service, laundry duties, lunch, etc.

For once, I was very careful about pressing the seams open, though Colleen never says anything about that. I am proud of myself.

I am also pleased that I could use another giant piece of Martha Negley fabric. I love her prints, just like I love Philip Jacobs prints. Putting the large flower on the back of the Flowering Snowball was such a great experience that I wanted to repeat it. This particular print has some odd colors, but they go well with the Empire gold that Pat Bravo loves and includes with her collections. Also the green goes well with that border fabric.

I am trying to use larger pieces and make simpler backs. They take less time. Can you tell how simple this back is compared to the Stepping Stones back? I wonder what I was thinking!