Original Bullseye FOUND!

Original Bullseye
Original Bullseye

What once was lost is now found!

I climbed up the ladder into the fabric closet to pull down the Spiderweb blocks. I had hoped no ladder would be required, but no such luck. Here in Northern California everything is stored vertically. I was in the process of squishing my hand getting Spiderweb blocks out of a plastic tub when I saw my mixed media box. Idly, I wondered if anything was in it.

Yes, after lamenting and wailing for so long, I have finally found the Original Bullseye. It was in the mixed media box I made back in 2007. Really, nothing fabric should be in that box and I have no idea what possessed me to store this quilt top there. Desperation and lack of enough storage space (or too much crap), I suspect.

I was sure that the last time I wrote about this quilt was about a thousand years ago, but happily, it was only last winter.

Original Bullseye - detail
Original Bullseye – detail

The quilt is much smaller than I remembered, but, then, again, the quilts I have made lately are much bigger than what they should be.

Now that it is found, I can put a border on it and finish it. I see my eye wandering to the size and wonder if I should make more blocks to beef it up a bit.

Regardless, I can certainly finish this quilt now. Yay!