Finished: Petrillo Bag

Petrillo Bag Complete
Petrillo Bag Complete

Yes, I completed the Petrillo Bag.

Really and truly.

Cross my heart.

I sewed the inside bottom opening I used for turning and the bag is done. I haven’t used it yet, because I entered it in the Fair and don’t want to get it dirty or anything before that event. I will take it to guild this weekend and next and show it off.

It occurred to me that one good thing about this bag is that it wasn’t too easy and it wasn’t too difficult. There was the right amount of challenge in the making.

I have to say I love that Soft & Stable. I’ll have to see if they have it at Joann or Beverly’s. The way it makes the bag stand up is awesome!

Now I am thinking about the next one. My list of to dos or changes to the next version are:

  1. put iron-on vinyl on the bottom of the bag to protect the fabric
  2. make the sides bigger, but enable them to close so the same shape is maintained and it is easier to get stuff in and out of the bag. Tutinella suggested that it might be a good idea to add an inch or so to the flap to accommodate this change
  3. I may change the zipper pocket to a cell phone pocket or group of pockets that can hold things like pens and cell phones.
  4. add side pockets on the outside. Tutinella did this, so I can get tips from her
  5. make the padded inside pocket larger to accommodate my iPad AND its case. An inch and a half would probably do it.

I don’t know why I can’t just be happy with a bag as is. I can’t, though. I can’t help myself.

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6 thoughts on “Finished: Petrillo Bag”

  1. You can Scotchgard your bags made with cottons to keep them cleaner longer. Doesn’t help with wear and tear of course, but it is something.

    By they way, the creative prompts saved our sanity in church today. We had an unusual 2 hour meeting and the kids were pretty bored and restless towards the end. I got on my phone and looked up your creative prompts posts (thanks for tagging them! NICE!) and set them to drawing. They kept at it for about half an hour and between the 3 of them we went through about 20 words.

  2. Amy,
    I never thought of Scotchgard! What a great idea. I will try it.

    I am so thrilled that the creative prompts helped you keep the kids from getting too wiggly! I use the tags all the time and am a fanatic about tagging my posts. I am constantly tweaking the tags. I am glad they helped you, too! What a thrill!

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