Round Robin Fabrics

I decided to use the Rainbow grouping I bought at Birch a few years ago. There are some nice modern prints that the BAMQG color group will appreciate and I will finally get to use this group.

TFQ is in town for a visit. She came over on Sunday to hang out and we looked through the fabrics I wanted to consider for the Round Robin project I discussed last week. I am always pleased to have a second set of eyes help clear the fabric fog, but I especially appreciate TFQ’s opinion, because she has a good sense of design. We were particularly focused on the background. We started with the Kona color card and were looking at a Kona Honey Dew. I wasn’t in the mood to buy fabric and she won’t be home until later this week to send me any, so I put the color card away.

Grey Border
Grey Border

We went through a lot of fabrics and finally came up with three finalists: all dots, two grey and one white with rainbow. The first option is a small grey dot, which worked well with the group of fabric I chose. I believe the dot is from a Camille Roskelly line, but am not 100% sure.

Ta Dot in Stone
Ta Dot in Stone

Ta Dot in Stone is always a good option as well. I thought, and TFQ concurred that the dots were too big and would overwhelm the other fabrics. I do like that Ta Dot Stone as a background, though.

Rainbow Dot
Rainbow Dot

The best option, though is this Rainbow dot. I have wanted to use more dots in my work this year. The white background perks up the other fabrics. None of the other fabrics will bleed into the background and blur the shape of any of the piecing.

Now I have to make a center.

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12 thoughts on “Round Robin Fabrics”

  1. I also like the second option Jaye, so Oh, well! :)) The first one is similar, too, if you didn’t say it’s a different print I would’ve thought it’s the same picture taken from a distance.

    1. I’m sorry! I was lazy about the photos. I try not to be, but sometimes I am. They are different. I will try and take some better photos so you have a better idea of the differences.

      1. Actually I just realized that I was lazy to look at it again. It clearly shows that both pictures were taken from the same distance otherwise more would show on one of them. But it isn’t. So don’t beat yourself up over it.

  2. Round robin, my favorite kind of group collaboration! Your fabrics are pretty, and it’s fun to hear your thoughts as to this fabric choice.

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