A Few More Russian Rubix Blocks

Russian Rubix Blocks - Mid May 2014
Russian Rubix Blocks – Mid May 2014

I have been piecing parts of the Russian Rubix blocks together, but not putting as many blocks together as one might expect.

I am trying to sew grey to all of the octagons, so I have a lot of choices when I go to make the blocks. It is a good plan, but doesn’t always work, because I get bored and want to make blocks.

So, I make a few blocks then admonish myself for having no self control and go back to making the pieces and parts for awhile.

Russian Rubix Booboo
Russian Rubix Booboo

I am pleased with the group of fabrics I put together. It is fun to see the different fabrics next to each other and in different combinations. I made one small booboo on one of these blocks: I put the same fabric in one block twice.

In the grand scheme, I don’t think it will matter since there will be several octagons next to each other and the different quarters of the blocks will create new rings when they are put together. Still, I want you to know that mistakes happen and life goes on. I did consider ripping it out and putting in a different quarter block (2 octagons). I may still, but for now I am going to leave it. I really don’t think people will notice much.

Also, SIL said that the light blues dropped out because of their value on the grey. She was right, but there is something in leaving them in that creates a bit of movement. I plan to space them away from each other, if I can, when I lay out all the blocks.

I had three of the four shown finished for a long time, but I couldn’t seem to get the fourth one finished. Finally, I did and wanted to take a photo so I could remove these blocks from the design wall and fill up the space with new blocks.

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8 thoughts on “A Few More Russian Rubix Blocks”

  1. Love your fabrics and the gray. I don’t think anyone will notice the duplicate octagon and so what if they do. We are funny that our mistakes shout into our face and no one else can hear.

  2. They look gorgeous, Jaye. The light blues tend to break the pattern for me, but I only read you post on my phone, so it might be a different effect on the monitor.

  3. Progress! Russian Rubix is looking great so far. Leave the pink duplicate in that quarter block – no one will notice it. The red pop from that same block and the opposite block catch the eye in a wonderful way. This post clearly tells me that I must make a design wall so when I’m piecing my quarter/whole blocks together, I will visually get a sense of where each set of octagons go.

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