Russian Rubix: Test Blocks

Russian Rubix: Pattern, Piecing, Process
Russian Rubix: Pattern, Piecing, Process

I had a feeling about the background drama and decided to make a couple of test blocks using my top two background fabrics.

Russian Rubix; Test Blocks
Russian Rubix; Test Blocks

I am glad I did. A couple of observations:

  • the Russian Rubix blocks have a lot of seams
  • the seams seem to be in weird places, even though they make sense based on the design of the block
  • the fabrics I chose as potential background fabrics make the seams look very prominent.

In the photos, the backgrounds look like either would be fine. In real life the dots look better. The movement in the batik isn’t as good as I thought it would be.

These blocks are not difficult even though they look complex. The pattern is written so there is a lot of trimming. If you join in, definitely get the templates from Richard. It makes the cutting and trimming easy and painless.

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