Finished: Scrapitude

I finished Scrapitude. Yay!

Scrapitude Carnivale Finished
Scrapitude Carnivale Finished

The most I had to do was the binding after Colleen quilted it. The fabric I used for the binding is okay and it was a lot easier to needle than the fabric around the edge of FOTY 2012.

We had some trouble photographing it as the thing is a BEAST so you can see parts of two chairs in the photo. Sorry about that.

Finished: Scrapitude Back
Finished: Scrapitude Back

Not comments on the back this time from the quilt holders. Oh well.

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8 thoughts on “Finished: Scrapitude”

  1. Big congrats on the finish!! That looks like a lot of work! You must be very excited to have that done. I really, really love the colors.

    1. It was a pretty easy quilt after all the cutting, but I think it is the cutting that kills everyone. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

    1. Thanks, Gretchen! I really like it and am glad I decided to put it on our bed. I am trying to decide whether to put a sleeve on it and enter it in PIQF.

  2. Hmmm, funny you say that – I’m still on the cutting! But I know that my next quiet night shift will see the cutting get done. I hear that Charlotte is going to start writing and selling scrap quilt patterns so soon Sandy is going to take the instructions down. I better download them in case that cutting really does stymie me.

    1. Yes, download them now. I always make a folder for my projects so I have somewhere to put all the bits and bobs including ribbons, if I win one, and instructions.

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