Sewing Machine Saga Continues

After Grand Parlor, I went back to Serge-a-Lot to get my 9k and brought it home, hopefully to use peacefully for the next 5 years.


I turned it on and it sewed great, but the screen was very faint. This machine uses a touch screen and you might remember that, a few years ago, the touch portion stopped working and I had the touch screen replaced. Looking up the dates made me realize that it was over 6 years ago and while the first screen lasted 14 years, perhaps 6 years isn’t too bad for the second screen.

It doesn’t really matter, though, because a new screen cannot be purchased. They are no longer available from Janome.

I am not sure what I am going to do. What I am not going to do is buy is a Janome 15K, which I covet. I have to face reality that I just don’t use the embroidery module. I admire Katie’s “in the hoop” projects, but just don’t think I will do them enough to justify the expense. After all, I don’t have an Etsy store or anything.

A friend had many problems with the Janome 7700 and the reviews have been scalding. That is the type of machine I am looking at, however, if I decide to buy a new machine. I saw a review of the Janome 8900 at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic that got my hopes up for that model. I don’t know if they still make it.

The part of the this whole saga that is really depressing is all the accessories I have for the 9K: Sew Steady table, sewing table insert, hoops, embroidery cards, templates, etc. Bleah!

I have to think about what I want to do.

  • Have you bought a machine recently? What kind?
  • What features do you like on your machine (new or not)
  • What do you really use on your machine?

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9 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Saga Continues”

  1. I feel your pain! I haven’t purchased a new machine so can’t help with that question. I have a Bernina 440 and love it. I have the quilt stitch regulator thingie… BSR(?) but have yet to master it even tho I have had it about 10 years! I do use the decorative stitches. And I like that it has two blanket stitches (single or double thickness) and that it has them pointing left and pointing right. I also love the needle threader and the bobbin winder that allows winding bobbins while your work is still in the machine.
    good luck!

  2. So sorry to hear about the machine! I have the Janome 6600 and that thing’s a workhorse. Nary a repair in its life, and it’s over 10 yrs old at this point. I’ve looked at the 7700 but haven’t seen much that would make me want to upgrade. If you can still get a 6600, it would be worth looking at. Good luck as you look!

  3. Oh no! I hope the process of finding another machine goes smoothly. Such a bummer to have to switch when you have all the accessories for it. (I am of no help — my machines are all older than I am and the fanciest one does blind stitch and a 4-step buttonhole in addition to straight stitch and zigzag, though I’ve never actually used the blind stitch function.)

  4. I’ve had my Janome 8900 for 2 years now (from a 6600) and still enjoy it each time I sit down to stitch. My favorite feature is the pop up base plate to clean the bobbin area. I also use the walking foot (it’s not built in like the 7700 of so many complaints). The lighting is great, as is the fact the threading area opens. What I don’t care for is the foot storage up top…..I’d rather have more thread spool area. I use a separate stand for thread.

  5. I am not a quilter and have just gotten back to clothes sewing. I have a Pfaff 1222E which I bought in 1978 or 1979. Just had it tuned up. It weighs a ton so I use a luggage cart to take it to classes. Stone Mountain and Daughter has Berninas (fairly low end, I assume) for classes. The only thing I covet so far is the ability to tell the machine that you want to stop with the needle in the fabric.

  6. I concur with Sandy that the Janome 6600 is a good solid machine. I know that certain of the Janome models come in “families”, so all the feet and accessories from the 6600 and 7700 and one of the less industrial machines all fit each other. Is there another Janome in the same family as yours that the accessories would work on?

  7. So sorry to hear this. You must be really frustrated! I had a lot of problems with my Viking and decided that I was going to have to switch brands. In the end, I bought a used Bernina 430. The primary reasons were these: when I looked up reviews, people mostly said they loved their Berninas and it seemed like there were more angry reviews about other machine brands. Several of my friends have Berninas and recommended it to me. Also my LQS where I work and teach has them for classes so I have had opportunities to sew with them. I tried quilting and sewing on three different Berninas and actually preferred the lower end models. Almost all of their machines can share feet and bobbins.

    I have had my machine for a year now and I do love it and am so glad I got it. The stitches are nice and even. It sews quietly. I can adjust the presser foot pressure (not all models have this). Mostly, I sew bags, make quilts and sometimes do machine applique. I like how easy it is to adjust the stitch length. I also bought this particular model because it works with their BSR (free motion quilting stitch regulator), which I tested and liked but which is too costly for me to purchase at the moment. Some people hate them but I liked using it and plan to get one eventually. Also, I like that the machine tells me when to oil it! The carrying case is very sturdy and spacious and the box that holds the accessories is really neat and hooks right into the back of the machine for travel.

    Good luck in your search! I hope you find the perfect machine!

  8. I agree with Pam, and I really hope you can find a machine where you can at least salvage the feet and most of the parts you own! I know it’s not an easy decision to get a new machine!

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