Meet Henry 2

Henry 2 (needs bottom stitched closed)
Henry 2 (needs bottom stitched closed)

I made another Henry for another friend, which I mentioned last time. He is almost completely together. The last part is sewing up his bottom. He is also covered in lint, so I really need to use my lint roller on him.

I had enough almost enough schnibbles (sorry, Amanda, I’ll have to refill my schnibble bag before I can fill the next cat bed) and supplemented it with some leftover batting. I also found another bag of trimmings from an old, old quilt. Fabric is still sewn to the batting, so I think I will rip the fabric off the batting before I try and use either for a project.

I added on the beak and eyes using a loose satin stitch.

I also made the wings 3D again. I thought that was a fun touch.

He didn’t go together as easily as Henry 1. Some of the thick seams that result from the mosaic piecing process ended up in awkward places. This caused seams I was trying to match to get out of alignment, forcing me to rip more than I normally would.

I tried not to curse and only to put good energy out there into Henry as I don’t want to send a gift filled with bad juju. Goofy, I know, but there you have it.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. I think I posted where I found the pattern. I think it was from Quilts & More, but don’t remember. I didn’t use the wool the pattern called for. I just used regular cotton.

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