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TFQ came down for a visit and we went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival on Saturday. In the past we have gone in time for the Preview on Wednesday, stayed over night on Thursday and Friday and really indulged in quilt show ecstasy. TFQ was not able to come down for the last year or two and I didn’t stay over at all last year. This year we just spent one day and that seemed fine.

Overall, the quilts at the show seemed dark. I think I have been looking at a lot of quilts with white or light or light grey backgrounds lately. These are the feel of quilts I have been making lately also, as you know. The show quilts seemed darker to me. There were a lot of pictorial quilts and a lot of quilts with serious surface design.

Dinghy by Shelly Burge
Dinghy by Shelly Burge

I took a few photos of quilts that struck some chord. One was a quilt depicting dinghies, which would normally fall into the not so appealing pictorial quilt. TFQ was the first one to notice this quilt. This one, surprisingly was interesting because of the use of color.

I really like that violet solid on the left side of the hull. I also like the oars and the inside of the hull on the left side of the left hand dinghy.

I am on the fence about the water. I like the bold choice of the red, but I can’t decide when it was a good choice.

Sheila Walwyn, South Africa, Still Life with Copper Pot
Sheila Walwyn, South Africa, Still Life with Copper Pot

I am not sure how this quilt will look to you, but it was really appealing to me from a Tarts Come to Tea point of view. As you know that quilt is on my list to finish and one thing stopping me is how to quilt a couple of the larger vessels.

If you look closely at the tall, gold pot, you will see the quilt and it makes me wonder if something like that would be suitable for the Tarts? The roundness of the circles would echo the roundness of the large teapot. If it is appropriate, could I actually do the quilting?

In terms of this quilt, I like the still life idea and I also like the use of different fabrics for the background.

Dina Carmiel, Israel, A Touch of Autumn
Dina Carmiel, Israel, A Touch of Autumn

I have been thinking about the leftover octagons from the Russian Rubix. I thought of making them into snowballs, but wasn’t 100% happy with that as a finished block only. When I saw Dina Carmiel’s A Touch of Autumn I got a new idea that would make the piece much better. Take out the hexagons from the piece on the left and add some nine patches and I think that it could be an interesting project and an interesting donation quilt. I like the secondary pattern and it would give me a good opportunity to work with the same colors I have been using. Another series, I guess.

In a way I was looking for true inspiration for current projects and I didn’t even really know it. I found inspiration for 2 projects and, possibly, a third.

It was a great opportunity to visit the vendors. I hadn’t been at a quilt show, really, in awhile and it was appealing to see a lot of different fabrics in one place. I was really looking forward to seeing the vendors. There were a lot of the same vendors who have been there forever, but some new ones as well. We saw some really bright and cheerful fabrics. One of my favorite booths was Quiltin’ Cousins. I love the look of their booth as well as the fabrics. The other booth that was great was Beyond the Reef, which sells rolls of Hawaiian fabric, though in recent years they have brought different fabrics to PIQF. They were really nice and cheerful in that booth. They seemed to be having a great time. I bought some Flatter along with some fabric. I have been wanting to try it and it just seemed like a good time to get some.

Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann
Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann

We did get inspired by one quilt and may start a joint project based on that quilt. The quilt is called civil War Elegance by Linda Bergmann of Elk Grove, California. Stay tuned for more info.



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