PIQF 2014 pt.2: Inspiration

Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann
Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann

We did get inspired by one quilt and may start a joint project based on that quilt. The quilt is called Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergmann of Elk Grove, California. As an aside, I noticed that a lot of nice quilts came out of Elk Grove. The color is not one of them, my taste, of course, but there are a lot of nice aspects of this quilt. I like the row aspect. I also like the style of fabric chosen for the border and in between the rows. I like that there is a definite, strong pattern. Again, the colors of that fabric are not to my taste. Of course, all the colors go together in the quilt very well. The scrappiness of the blocks is also very appealing. I often have a hard time getting past colors that aren’t my favorites, but the scrappy blocks drew me in a little bit and I think it is possible that this could be a very engaging quilt in different colors.

Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann, detail
Civil War Elegance by Linda Bergemann, detail

The blocks are interesting. A bit fussy in terms of number of pieces and size, but an interesting opportunity for fabric usage. I think it would lend itself to scraps.

We decided to do the project. We worked in EQ7 together and made the pattern, deciding on a 5″ block.

We will use a series of similar, cool greys for a scrappy background in the blocks. We discussed whether to use a consistent color in the crosses or what color scheme we will use for the pieces. We decided that we would each make 2 blocks (I will make one for each of us and TFQ will make one for each of us) a week for the next month and see how the blocks looked together. Then we will decide how to proceed.

We are on our own for the overall background. If we lay them out the same way Ms. Bergmann did, then we will be on our own for the border print between the rows. That is too far down the road to know yet.

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