Octagon Nine Patch

It makes no sense to me to work on a project and not use leaders and enders to save thread and get some other rote piecing done. To that end, as I worked on the Stepping Stones, I also added grey triangles to the leftover octagons so I could work towards the Octagon Nine Patch quilt.

Octagon Nine Patch Test
Octagon Nine Patch Test

I kind of wanted to remind myself what mine would look like so I made a mockup in EQ7.

Something looked off so I went and looked at the picture and my piece and realized that I reversed the foreground and background from the original that I saw at PIQF. I was a little upset, but I quickly realized that I had to do it this way, because of the way the octagons were made. My octagon patch is a foreground piece. In Dina Carmiel’s piece, A Touch of Autumn, she used background fabric for the octagons, because they are a base for some applique’. I would have had to completely remake the octagons with the background grey if I wanted to mimic her quilt. The point of my piece is to use up octagons that I already cut for the Russian Rubix quilt.

Octagons to Snowballs December 2014
Octagons to Snowballs December 2014

The sewing of the corner triangles takes a lot of time and if I didn’t like the cheerful colors so much I might give up. As a result, this work makes great leaders and enders piecing. Progress still takes a lot of time.

This is the third quilt I have made with these fabrics and I am really eager to have all three side by side to see the differences.

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