2014 Year in Review

Well, another year has past. Shocking how quickly it zoomed past. I am sad to see 2014 go as, in a lot of ways, it was a good year. Unexpected, but good. Last January 1, I was sitting at home recovering from a fun night out with Friend Julie and her fabulous husband. this year I am anticipating another night out with Julie and her husband. Yes, I am a creature of habit.

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Definitely another respectable showing in the quilt department


I really wanted to make Christmas pillowcases for the nieces and nephews and that just didn’t happen. I will work on it for next year.

Author: Jaye

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2 thoughts on “2014 Year in Review”

  1. The year passed too quickly! I am inspired by your post to keep track of what I work on and finish this year. I haven’t done that since the year I began quilting. Uh oh… one more NYresolution 😉

    1. With the blog you can keep it up as you go along. Set up the post to publish on 12/31/2015 and then just add to it as you make and finish things. It is amazing to see it grow.

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