Peacocks and Quilt Projects

I have been thinking about birds on and off for the past couple of weeks. I watch birds out my window when I eat breakfast and there are a few different ones that like to eat the berries on a bush in my yard. I have been drawing wings and little fat birds in my journal. In the past few days I have specifically been thinking of peacocks. I do not actually like peacocks IRL very much. There are peacocks that stroll around our local zoo screeching and making a big mess. I do like to look at them in art, though.

Macaw Feathers by Michael Fitzsimmons
Macaw Feathers by Michael Fitzsimmons

I have been thinking about peacocks because of Pam and the One Block Wonder quilt on which she is working. I saw a panel at Beverly’s of a peacock and really liked it. It made me think of Pam’s quilt, which she made with panels

While the feathers to the left are from a Macaw, the colors remind me of peacock feathers. The photo is a little dark for me, but there is something about it. I also saw the Majestic Beauties fabric by Wilmington Prints at the recent quilt show.

I was thinking that using the peacock panels might be a good way to use peacock fabric. I am hesitating because the colors are beautiful, but the fabric has a lot of beige in it and is not bright and cheerful. Still there are some companion prints that don’t have as much beige that might work. On the other hand the letters on the background of the Majestic Beauties fabric panel might make interesting motifs when put together in the One Block Wonder method.

Peacock Feathers
Peacock Feathers

I really just want to try the technique that Pam used, so perhaps I have enough repeats of a Philip Jacobs fabric to try it out without having to buy new fabric.

I know what you are thinking, because I am also thinking “OMG, Jaye! WTH? Another new project?!?” Yes, I am just starting new projects with wild abandon! 😉

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