Various & Sundry #8: End of June


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Websites, Articles and Information

Some of you were kind enough to take a look at my client’s site. She now has her own domain name and moved the site to I hope you will go and visit again.

I checked out one of Mark Lipinski’s posts and really liked it. His conglomeration posts are really like these Various and Sundry posts, but with more photos and fewer words. I really want someone to make me the Samoas (gluten free version) from the recipe he posted. I can’t buy them from the Girl Scouts, because they don’t make a gluten free version. Also, I am lazy and they look like a lot of work (another reason I would happily give my money to the Girl Scouts). Perhaps I’ll get a good book and just take the time to make them some day. Of course, there are a lot of wonderful links and photos in his post, especially the doughnut pincushion, so go take a look.

A few of you were kind enough to go and take a look at my client’s site. Thank you! For those of you who left a comment, she was thrilled. She is moving all the posts to her own domain and will be adding her drawings soon. If you wouldn’t mind taking another look at the work we have done, we both would be very grateful.

Free ebook on selling your crafts. I haven’t read it, but thought some of you might be interested.

Books, Patterns, Magazines & Projects

The Fat Quarterly is back on sale. They have figured out the EU VAT reporting issues and are slowing adding products back into the FQ shop. Go take a look at new issues and back issues.

I love these birds.

I don’t know if you remember Doodle Art? Doodle Art were contained in tubes you could buy. Each tube contained a black and white poster, a set of pens and some other unimportant stuff. I colored many of these posters, including the Ecology poster, in my day for the sheer joy of working with color. Johanna Basford has come on the scene with her coloring books that remind me very much of Doodle Art. She has become so popular that her books were sold out in all outlets. YM bought me one for Mother’s Day, The Enchanted Garden, and it just arrived this week! She also has The Secret Garden out and The Lost Ocean will be coming soon.I encourage you to look at her work and get some pens and start coloring. You can download a free page.  You can also read about Johanna’s journey to create adult coloring books. It is very sweet,

Here is a list of 50 books on creativity and design thinking. Some interesting titles. The post includes a hashtag if you want to discuss.

I suppose an e-newsletter qualifies as a magazine or, perhaps, a book. This Quilt insider newsletter is short. It showcases new products and I thought the Robert Kaufman fabrics were interesting. I still have the One Block Wonder using panels on the mind.

The Fat Quarter Shop’s most recent Snapshots QAL charity block is up. You can find this sundae (cute! cute! cute!) block on their site.

Fabric, Tools, Shops, Supplies & Embellishments

All you need to know about pins!

I saw this Robert Kaufman Explore America fabric in a newsletter and really like the vintage look. It reminds me of the vintage posters they have at Disneyland – a 1950s idealized look at the American West. As I said above, I still have the One Block Wonder using panels on the mind, but I am going to restrain myself. If anything, I will buy some of these fabrics for boy quilt backs. We’ll see.

Exhibits, Tutorials & Events

Aurifil has a survey out and they want your answers. I believe it is still open.

Other Artists

I didn’t know about Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday until she contacted me via a post on my blog. She invited me to post about one of my projects, which I did. I was interested to see all the different projects that were posted. I will have to get back to doing more art quilts to linkup there regularly! It is a great way to get new readers and I always like more readers (that is YOU!!!). There are so many of these daily linkup posts that I am sure everyone can find one that works for them.

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  1. Wow, so much information, don’t even know where to start!
    I’m also getting Mark’s emails regularly, and having a kick out of them every time 🙂 He’s also posting a LOT!
    Your client’s blog is beautiful, and very interesting! I love her photographs!

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