Boring Green Cat Bed

Bron was kind enough to give me some fleece from FabMo a few months ago. Last Saturday it fell on me from its precarious perch in the Fabric Closet one too many times. I pulled it, and the pattern out, cut all the fleece up into the shapes needed for cat beds and began sewing.

Boring Cat Bed
Boring Cat Bed

My intent was to make a bunch of them and present them to Amanda at the next BAMQG meeting. My machine sincerely disliked that fleece as did my hand, so I made one and put the rest of the parts into packages to bring to the meeting. What Amanda got was a sad email explaining the situation. 🙁

She was very gracious about it and said to bring the parts for the other cat beds for other BAMQG members to make.

I was able to finish one [boring looking] cat bed and stuff it nearly 3/4s of the way full with schnibbles.

Author: Jaye

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7 thoughts on “Boring Green Cat Bed”

  1. The cats will love it. I made one for Roxy which is quite ugly and she uses it all the time especially now that it’s getting cold.

    1. Fleece is soft and cozy for the kitties. I have used some regular cotton before, but apparently the fleece is more durable as well. It holds up in the massive commercial washers, too.

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