Sue Spargo Threads

I am a sucker for embroidery threads. Not really the floss that comes in hanks, but the Perl Cotton balls, the Aurifloss and, now, Sue Spargo embroidery threads.

I admire Sue Spargo’s work, because of the cheerfulness and liveliness of the designs. Her book, Stitches to Savor: A Celebration of Designs, is a favorite. I admire her work with the simple shape of the cups and want to do something similar with cakes. Can you imagine how fabulous a cake quilt would look with embroidery designs applied to it to simulate frosting and cake decorations?

Of course, given the colors I bought, the cakes would be cheerful, and, possibly, unappetizing. 😉

You may noticed that I have mentioned Sue Spargo embroidery threads a few times recently. After visiting Thistle Dew and Stitch quilt shops, I was hooked. Both shops had these threads and it was the first time I had seen them. I have a lot of Perl cotton, etc, but couldn’t help indulging in a few spools. I want them all.

I have used them on Under the Sea and they were great to use. I need to get inspired by Gerre and use them more.

Author: JayeL

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4 thoughts on “Sue Spargo Threads”

  1. I love Sue Spargo’s threads too! I’ve worked with them a lot. The Razzle is really “springy” so you have to do a lot of untwisting with it–more than usual. But it’s so gorgeous you kinda don’t care!

    1. I love to do some embroidery on quilts. I have this feeling that I have done a lot of embroidery on quilts, but I wonder if I haven’t finished any of those quilts because they are not on my list of finished quilts. Hhmm..

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