Using Pincushions

I was back in the workroom on Sunday and the pincushions caught my attention. I thought that I would share the way I work with them.

I have two pincushions that I use. I keep one next to my sewing machine and one on my cutting table.

Gerre's special rectangular pincushion
Gerre’s special rectangular pincushion

I could move one pincushion from one place to another, but I received a second pincushion as a gift and thought of a new system.

When I start with pinning things together, I often pin on my ironing board or cutting table. It is very convenient to have the pins handy.

Lately, I added some WonderClips to the side. I needed them handy on the cutting table.

The rectangular pincushion is on my cutting table right now.

Pinchushion - wool felt (gift from A
Pinchushion – wool felt (gift from A

One of the pincushions sits next to my sewing machine. As I sew I have pincushion handy to put pins in as I remove them.

The wool felt round one is currently next to my sewing machine.

That’s my system. I hope it helps.


Author: JayeL

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2 thoughts on “Using Pincushions”

  1. Remember back when we mentioned using the foam from the swimming tubes, as pin cushions? I used a foam tube for a project and had leftover pieces. I used the leftover pieces as a pin cushion. They hold the pins very tightly. The biggest problem with them is they are too lightweight. When I pull a pin out, the whole thing lifts up. I might try making it weighted somehow because I DO like how tightly it holds pins. This is especially important when traveling in the RV. Loose pins in that small space are not a good thing!
    I recently got some of those mini clips. How do you use yours? I’ve tried using them a few times but I think I am doing something wrong. They don’t seem to work as pin replacements for sewing. Mine shift all over and don’t hold seams. Perhaps I am expecting too much from them?

    1. I don’t remember that discussion. I have some lightweight pincushions as well and they can be a hassle. When I make pincushions, I use part Beanie Baby pellets (available at Beverly’s) and part wool roving. You could, perhaps, glue something heavy to the bottom?

      I use the Wonder Clips when I am using vinyl or Soft & Stable. Occasionally, I use them when I am clipping fusible together. I also use them for EPP when I am sewing large sections together. They are also handy for keeping pieces of projects together and numbering pieces you have cut but not sewed (I clip a post it note with the size or piece number) yet.

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