BAM Largesse

A week or so ago, we celebrated Winter at my guild. There was a short Sew Day where I worked on Frolic! Clue 2, then a potluck lunch and a swap and socializing.

In between all of this fun and excitement was fabric. We hold our Sew Days in a church hall. On the side of this room are 4-5 old pews. The room used to be the church sanctuary. Normally, we store our bags and other Sew Day paraphernalia there to keep it off the floor and reduce tripping hazards.

On the Winter Party/Sew Day at least 3 of the pews were filled with fabric. The guild had been given a  donation of fabric by a longarmer who was closing her business. She donation only about a quarter of her stash to the guild. People at the party were allowed to look through the fabric and take what they wanted. I stayed away, having plenty of fabric of my own. Plenty of the members took a few pieces or filled up grocery bags with their selections. The rest will be used for our community quilt project.

This was kind of startling in a number of different ways. Will my unused fabric end up like that? Why get rid of all of her fabric? Doesn’t she want to sew anymore or did she keep her favorite pieces? I know I will probably never know the answers to these questions. I will have to think about what I am going to do with my fabric and make sure my DH knows so it doesn’t all go to Goodwill. What happens to your fabric and supplies when you go to your next adventure?

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7 thoughts on “BAM Largesse”

  1. I have seen this time and time again at our guild. Usually it is that the quilter has passed and her family gives all her things to the guild as a donation. Sometimes we have a sale with proceeds going towards guild projects. More often though, the fabric is put on the freebie table. It is better than a box by the trash to be dumped in a garbage truck…and yes, that has been seen in our area too! So sad.

    I hope to use up as much as I can before I can’t sew anymore. Then I hope my daughter will take some. I know she wants some of my machines. With that said, how do I make it fair for her brothers though? If she gets all that, what do they get? I don’t have the answers to it and fear I am trying to avoid thinking about it. I just hope my stuff doesn’t end up in the garbage.

      1. Good idea. I’ll see if my guild wants to give any up. Lots was taken and the community quilt project took the rest. I am not sure how much they can reasonably use.

    1. Write a will.

      I am also trying to use up as much as I can. I can’t seem to help buying new fabric, though. Fabric diets never work, though I always try to buy only for projects. I love going to new quilt stores, so my resolve never completely works.

      You had better ask your sons if they want any sewing supplies. If they do, you’ll have to divvy things up. If not, your husband can make the ‘loot’ fair to your sons with stuff in the garage – tools and whatever else guys hoard.

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