Tool Tote Purpose

Art Bin with bag hardware
Art Bin with bag hardware

I finished the Tool Tote awhile ago. It has just been sitting around. I thought about giving it as a gift, but I made it with fabric that I used for several bags I wanted to make for myself. Thus, I hadn’t found a purpose for it until recently. I decided to use it to organize the hardware and supplies I use for bagmaking.

I had put a few tools in it, so those had to go somewhere else (or will have to go somewhere else).

Tool Tote with bag supplies
Tool Tote with bag supplies

These supplies weren’t disorganized, but they weren’t in great shape and I was having a hard time keeping track of what I had. Since the Tool Tote was there. It was also the right size to hold the Art Bin I got last birthday. I filled the Art Bin with little pieces of hardware. I put the zippers and things on top.

It isn’t a huge tote and if I buy a lot of supplies before I use up the ones I have, I won’t have space. Perhaps that is a good thing. It is good to be organized.

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4 thoughts on “Tool Tote Purpose”

  1. I have several plastic boxes with dividers. One has all my beading tools and odds and ends related to beading. Another has all my quilting machine tools and needles. There are others that have quilting projects in them too.
    I like to be organized. It seems like I am always tweaking my studio space. I am tackling a big redo of the studio this month. I let go of the big lateral filing cabinet and am putting my fabrics all on comic book boards. I have an ideal corner that gets no sunshine, so I hope fading is kept at a minimum.
    I am about halfway through transferring the fabric from file folder to comic book board. So far I really like this! I can see my fabrics easier. I also don’t have as much fabric as I thought I had. No, that does NOT mean I will go on a buying spree. Well, maybe just a yard or two. 😉

    1. I think our work habits evolve and we have to rearrange our workspace to fit with the new way we work or the new projects on which we work.

      You might try shirt cardboard for your fabric as well. It sometimes has the same heft as those comic book boards.

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