May Spiky 16 Patch

New Blue Spiky 16 Patch donation top
New Blue Spiky 16 Patch donation top

Apparently, I forgot to show you the latest blue Spiky 16 patch. Maybe not, but I couldn’t find a post about it, so I am assuming I didn’t show you this quilt.

I finished this in May. It is made from some of the guild’s 16 patches. I looked at it again the other day when I visited Tim. It is small, but mighty. I’ll see about making a larger one next time.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

2 thoughts on “May Spiky 16 Patch”

  1. Hi! I love your spikey 16 patch blocks. Is there is a pattern that would give the measurements for the squares and the spikes? I make a lot of scrappy charity quilts and this pattern would be perfect. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks so much for your kind words! At this point there is no pattern. I have another request for one so it is on my to do list. The donation blocks are made from 2.5″ squares and I go from there. I’ll put the tutorial higher on my to do list, so check back. Thanks for your interest.

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