Bias Tape Block

Bias Tape Class Sample
Bias Tape Class Sample

I added this bias tape to my syllabus. My current students are very gung ho and want to learn more. I had gotten it to the point where I had all the bias tape pinned down, but hadn’t finished the sewing until the weekend.

I had a couple of small half finished projects laying around and they were annoying, so I just took the time to finish them.

I am pleased with how it came out and will probably use this block again when teaching.

I also used Saral Transfer Paper, because it is a great way to trace and transfer at the same time without using something like a Frixon pen or the blue pen that may come back to haunt me later. Saral paper is super old school, but works amazingly well. I couldn’t find the pack I had so I bought a variety pack, which means that I can use it on different colors of fabric.

I recently bought a tracing stylus to use with the Saral. This made Saral paper even more awesome. The stylus has a ball on the end and won’t rip through the relatively thin Saral paper. I can’t believe how smoothly it worked.

Using bias tape with Red Scribbles and now this block have made me rethink its usefulness and how I can use it in other pieces.







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