La Pass Month 9 Basted

La Pass M9 Basted
La Pass M9 Basted

Month 9 is very light, so I was able to mostly baste it at Craft Night last week and finish during a work meeting.

I am now stitching the pieces together and I think I will finish soon. It is nice to have a light month, but I don’t know what I will do when I finish. More half hexies, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “La Pass Month 9 Basted”

  1. That’s good planning to have some months lighter than others so that people can catch up. This is going to be so amazing when it’s done. I have no worry that you won’t find another hand-stitching project to work on. Maybe try a kawandii?

    1. I have been thinking about those kawandiis also. I love the work that I have seen. I think I want to do another EPP, though. I hope Pink Door has another one that is interesting and complex.

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