Missouri Star Donation Top/Back

Missouri Star donation top
Missouri Star donation top

I finished the Missouri Star donation top and back on Friday night before Sew Day last week. I wanted to make sure I could give it to Peggy and I just didn’t have time to work on it during the week, even though I thought I would.

Adding the top and back to my Fabric Usage Report put me slightly back into the black, which makes me happy.

Missouri Star donation quilt back
Missouri Star donation quilt back

I am pretty pleased with how it came out. Making a top like this was a good use of that block.

The fabrics I used for the back have been around for a long time. The middle piece is a Moda and I never cut into it. I was thinking that I would use it for something, but since I hadn’t up until now, I went ahead and used it for the back. There’s always more fabric, right?


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    1. She probably won’t do the quilting, but someone will. We have a person with a longarm who has quilted 20 quilts for us. This quilt uses that white on white so I hope it doesn’t cause problems.

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