Plus Quilt Quilted

AJ Plus Quilt quilted
AJ Plus Quilt quilted

Peggy took a bunch of quilts to a longarmer, Laura, who quilts some of our donation quilts for practice. One of them was my American Jane Plus Quilt.

It is not yet bound, but having all the small quilts quilted by a longarmer makes the process much shorter. Tim is the only one with a longarm, that I know of, in the guild and he has been busy recently so hasn’t been quilting.

AJ Plus Quilt quilted - detail
AJ Plus Quilt quilted – detail

I like the pattern Laura used for the white and red thread was kind of inspired.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading! It was so nice to see your name pop up in my comments. Laura is quilting a lot of quilts for the guild, which takes the pressure off of quilt members. Her quilting is improving a lot.

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