Essential Tote Mostly Cut

Essential Tote cut out
Essential Tote cut out

As mentioned in the Super Sew Day post, this is another project I cut out – mostly. I am still waiting for one of the fabrics to arrive, so I can cut out the exteriors.

I have one of the fabrics, but was waiting for the other to arrive so I could wash them together. I am trying to conserve energy while it is so hot here in California. Even where I live, which is often covered in fog, it is 86 degrees, which is down from the 91 it was earlier. I am definitely thinking of getting solar panels for my house.

Hindsight Echinacea Glow
Hindsight Echinacea Glow

The fabric I am waiting for is the Hindsight Echinacea Glow** from Anna Maria Horner. I thought I had a large enough piece in this colorway, but I think I only had a half yard or FQ, which isn’t enough. I ordered it for next day delivery and here we are a week later.

I also haven’t cut the pockets out for the inside. I was going to skip them, but I know I will regret it, if I do, especially if these bags become favorites. I have to think about adding a leash and maybe some penholders as well.

Natalie, of SHH, has a YouTube channel. One of the videos is a walkthrough of the Essentials Tote. I don’t know if this is a how-to make the bag video or what. I haven’t watched it yet, but will check it out.

You can buy the Essential Tote pattern (print and PDF) from Sew Hungry Hippie. I wasn’t going to buy the pattern, but I did. I couldn’t stop thinking about that vinyl pocket on the outside of the bag. I probably could have added a vinyl pocket to another bag…










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